Don Quixote in a fragmented World

By octubre 20, 2014Pressbook

«Don Quixote in a fragmented world» has been a project that arose out of chance, but as the director of this documentary, I want to think that it was fate that led me to meet Robert Janz. I followed Robert for almost two years while he wandered and painted graffiti while explaining his motives. I met him one winter night in New York. At that time I used to go every day to open art galleries looking for funding for a project I was working on, Color Thief, a fiction short film that aims to be a love letter to the art world. Robert also dedicated himself to presenting himself in the galleries but for other reasons, to drink and eat for free, besides being able to contemplate works of art, of course.

His conversation was so interesting that I had no choice but to ask him to let me record him.

First I did not intend to make a documentary about him, I had enough work with my projects to embark on another, but Robert Janz is so fascinating that he deserves to be known, not only for his art but also for his intelligence, his wisdom and an overwhelming honesty that made the character, a true Don Quixote in modern life, catch me in such a way that I had no choice but to take this project forward.

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