Color Thief

Lily, at 84 years old, while she paints what is probably her last and best picture, reflects on what it means to be an artist. When she realizes that she is missing a color to finish her work, and seeing that she has no money, she makes a drastic decision…

  • DIRECTOR: Violeta Barca-Fontana
  • WRITER: Violeta Barca-Fontana
  • MUSIC BY: Zé Luis
  • EDITOR: Violeta Barca-Fontana
  • CAST: Robin Martin
  • GENERE: Short Film (Trailer)
  • RUNNING TIME: 0’55”
  • – AWARD “BEST SHORT FILM PNR” at Madrid Film Festival-PNR, Spain
    – AWARD “ARQUITECTURA Y PAISAJE” at Festival de cine de Gáldar, Spain
    – OFFICIAL SELLECTION at Women Media Arts & Film Festival, Sydney, Australia
    – OFFICIAL SELLECTION at Atlanta Phylosophy Film Festival, USA
    – OFFICIAL SELLECTION at Festival Internacional de Cine La Plata, Argentina
    – OFFICIAL SELLECTION at Certamen de Cortometrajes Angélika, Spain
  • – OFFICIAL SELECTION at Taos Shortz Film Fest, USA
  • – OFFICIAL SELECTION at European Vanes Film Festival, France
  • – SELECTION at Short Film Corner Cannes Film Festival
  • – OFFICIAL SELECTION at Larissa Mediterranean Festival of New Directors
  • – SELECTION atIV Visualizame Audiovisual & Mujeres
  • – OFFICIAL SELECTION at New Filmmakers from Spain
  • – OFFICIAL SELECTION at L.A. Indie Film Festival

Concept: Color Thief is a love letter to the world of art, a reflection on whether it makes sense or not to belong to that world. It is a deep view from within the guts of the artist that aims to experience their emotions and the reason for the persistent impulse to continue the arduous task of creating and feeling satisfied. If even possible. Submerging ourselves in the world of doubt, because without doubt there is no art.A journey through the loneliness of the “Artist”, finding their point of view, a view of reality different than the rest of the world, where it is not the story that matters, but how it is told. Portraying the constant search, to uncover fundamental desires, rediscover the mystery of infancy and the need to reproduce through creation. And to be driven by the smell of paint and turpentine; to caress the blank canvas with a slowly growing tint of color which is the essence of painting

Synopsis: For Lily painting is her work, the only thing that interests her. While painting her picture, she reflects not only on what her life has been like, what she left behind, and what she has renounced, including her family, which never supported her in her artistic endeavors. But also her motives, her irrational needs, her only future where painting is the only way to live, otherwise her life has no meaning, signifying nothing, signifying death.Lily paints because she feels free with her own time: minutes, hours, days, because failures are her’s alone and her successes can be shared with whom she wants. When she has to make her drastic decision she does not hesitate for a second. Stealing to continue creating…it is the only possible way.

Tone: Color Thief is a narrative in the style of an intimate documentary with shades of comedy. The images, the light. and the color are all brushes that will convey to the viewer all of the feelings perceived by the artist.Creation has very clear sensory characteristics: pain, suffering, anxiety, doubt, but also excitement, happiness, bursts of energy and a feeling of absolute freedom.


Violeta Barca-Fontana (Writer / Director): Violeta was born in Barcelona in 1978 and has been working in the film industry since 1997. She studied filmmaking and production in Barcelona (IDEP), New York (NYFA) and Madrid (TAI).She worked on Spanish productions with great masters as Carlos Saura, José Luis García Sanchez and Andrés Vicente Gómez. Violeta also worked on several British and Germanproductions with personalities as Paul McGann and Paul Copley.In 2003 she produced a very successful feature film La Fiesta distributed by Walt Disney Company (Spain). As a director she has directed documentaries and several short films, including: Loft, Where´s Woody, Entre Raíles, Marquinhos, that have been selected in several film festivals. As a screenwriter she has written three feature films: Atrévete, Entre Raíles and Myths- which is in pre-production.

Robin Martin (Actress): Robin (Ginsburg) worked as an actress in California from1976-1988, performing in dozens of award winning productions. In her favorite, Cowboy Mouth, by Sam Shepard and Patti Smith, she sharedthe stage with Ed Harris and Jack Slater, with Darrell Larson directing. She attended California Institute of the Arts and worked on films at The American Film Institute. Professional film credits include Frances, directed by Graham Clifford; Hammett, directed by Wim Wenders and Waiting for the Light, directed by Christopher Monger in which she was featured as two different teachers. She portrayed Sheila Fisher for two seasons, 1984-86 on the prime time soap opera Knots Landing. The story line of her character, an adoptive mother having to give back her twins, became extremely popular. The season finale ‘84, entitled “The Long and Winding Road”, ranked as the #1 program for the week in the Nielsen Ratings. In 1989, she became a New Yorker and Robin Martin. In New York, she worked on local shows like Law and Order and more experimental video works shown at the Whitney Biennial. Writing fiction took over her focus in 1994. Recently, she has worked on several short films and the feature Make Yourself at Home (aka Fetish) directed by Soopum Sohn.

Igor Kropotov (Director of Photography): Igor Kropotov was born in Russia and having lived in Belgium and Italy has supplemented his acute skills in cinematography with an open and fresh perspective. His lifelong passion for capturing a cinematic viewpoint is reflected in his early years of filming sponsored skateboarding videos and having his film photography displayed at an exhibition in one of Moscow’s popular gallery spaces.