Demo Reel

Director´s Showreel 2017

Color Thief (Trailer)

Lily reflects about what it means to be an artist while she is painting her best and last piece but she realizes that she is missing a color to finish it and that she doesn´t have any money to buy it... then she has to make a drastic decision...

Pieces of New York (Trailer)

Pieces of New York is an art-documentary, an intimate film featuring artists that the director met during the years that she lived in New York. The film exposes their fears and concerns, their creative process and the ability to give up everything for their art. It is a collage of images that mixes the New York of today with the New York of the 70s, using films in super 8mm that by chance the director found filmed by her own grandfather.

Promotional video – Goya awards 2016

In 2016 Don Quixote in a fragmented world was a finalist in the 2016 Goya Awards. This is the video we shot for the Academy and to promote our documentary.

Color Thief (Entire Film)

November 3, 2017


Musical Video for the Cripta group presenting their ballad

Don Quixote in a fragmented world (Trailer)

Robert Janz, a 80 years old Street Artist, shows us his work and his peculiar way of seeing the world

Don Quixote in a fragmented world (Entire Film)

Short documentary finalist at the 2016 Goya Awards. SYNOPSIS: Robert Janz, an 80-year-old New York graffiti artist, presents his work and his peculiar way of seeing the world.

Color Thief official Behind the Scenes

Color Thief was a difficult project to carry out, it was important that the quality of the production was extremely good to introduce the audience into the world of our protagonist, Lily. This is how Color Thief was filmed.

Leica, los ojos de capa (Entire Film)

This is the story of the last three minutes of conversation between the militiaman and Capa before the photographer could freeze Federico in time with his camera. One of the most iconic images of the twentieth century

LOFT (Trailer)

Student project (2008). Mini DV. SYNOPSIS: On one of those boring days at home, Ian realizes that he can communicate in a different way with his new neighbor Ana, who has just moved to the next floor; but that does not always mean good results. Sometimes there are too many words to communicate.

Entre raíles (Trailer)

(2010). Mini Dv. SYNOPSIS: Ana is overcome by a trascendental doubt...

Making of: En la distancia

Making of de la balada

Esther Levigne – The public house of Art

Video for the artist Esther Levigne where she expresses the dimension of her work