logo instagram  facebook logoSome cultures refuse to be photographed because they believe that their souls will be stolen, and in some way they are right, that is my purpose.      I’m a thief. Looking for souls, trying to capture them.

Why Chem-Chem?

Travel makes you get rid of the great lies of the world

On my first trip to Africa something happened to me; what Africans call “the bite of Africa”. Suddenly and almost without any apparent reason you feel a chill throughout the body that runs through you feet to the head, making you sprout uncontrolled silent tears. It´s at that moment when you know that Africa has you trapped forever.

It was on that trip that I was baptized with the Swahili name of Chem-Chem; it translates as spring or fountain. In Spanish it would translate roughly to “fontana” which is my surname.                                                     This new name, Chem-Chem, comes as the ring finger for my photography projects:  A search for the fountain of knowledge of the human soul.