Since I can remember I always wanted to be a war correspondent, but when the time came to choose, something prompted me to study film direction. It might seem that I changed my career drastically, but over the years I realized that I did not.

The audiovisual world has allowed me to travel, travel around the world around thirty countries, I have had the great luck of being able to live with different cultures and above all I have learned to accept and tolerate. Traveling, film and audiovisual in general has made me who I am. I consider myself a flexible person who adapts to almost any circumstance, which helps me to face the challenges of each of my projects.

While studying film direction he combined working on shoots. Among others, I had the opportunity to work with José Luis García-Sánchez. Knowing him was a great luck because thanks to his generosity I was able to “take advantage” of his advice. I will always be grateful if you would have the blessed patience to read my scripts and give me your most sincere opinion. Later, I worked as a second assistant director with Carlos Saura, another luxury! Saura, made me sit next to him, in front of the monitors, so I could see in the front line how the great teacher worked and learn from him.

At one point I decided to go to production for a practical topic. I thought that if I wanted to direct something someday, I had to know in depth the intricacies of the production, the other side of the coin.

In 2008, I founded Production Objectives, alternating film projects with more business and corporate videos. That exercise, I think has helped me greatly to be much more versatile, adapt to the needs of each project, always with a creative and artistic approach.

I lived in New York for four years, the city of my dreams. Apart from directing a lot of film projects, I had the good fortune of being able to work in advertising, again, the opportunity to unlearn and then learn a different way of approaching a project. For me, each of my trips is a renovation, a sum and it continues.

Apart from film and travel, photography is another of my passions, an escape where I can give free rein to my creativity, that drive and the need to tell stories. Some cultures refuse to be photographed because they believe that their souls will be stolen, and somehow they are right, that is my purpose. Travel strips you of the great lies of the world. Under the pseudonym of Chem-Chem, I am a thief in search of souls, trying to capture them.